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Experience Proven Expertise. Faster Claims. Quick Resolution.
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Powered by Safe AI. Trained and Maintained by Top-Tier Experts for Optimal Insights and Reliability.

Managing construction claims is time-consuming. We understand the challenges you face daily.
Beyond Tools - We Deliver Results.

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of managing multiple claims at once?
  • Expertise. Get reliable insights at your fingertips. No waiting. No guessing. Just results.
  • Cost-Effective. Reduce operational costs. Improve your profitability.
  • Simplify. Record, analyse, prepare, or defend, any contract claims with ease.
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Worried about the impact of claim mishandling on your reputation?
  • Security. Use to ensure the highest level of data privacy and security.
  • Client Satisfaction. Make your clients happier, with accurate, efficient, and compelling claims.
  • Integrate. Seamlessly integrate with existing operations for immediate benefits.
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Ever feel like you're spending more time fixing errors than advancing your work?
  • Accuracy. Bring clarity to project communication with well-structured claims that are logical and jargon-free.
  • Collaboration. Overcome confusion and enhance collaboration among project stakeholders.
  • Done-for-You (DFY). Focus on your decision-making while we take care of the research and analysis aspects.
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Is your team struggling to keep up with the demands of claims management?
  • Empower. Leverage powerful mindtools, offering your teams a deep understanding of claim principles and reasoning.
  • Scale. Magnify your claims management processes and toolkits with confidence, regardless of team size.
  • Aggregate. Unleash the synergy of human-AI creativity for unparalleled claim excellence.
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With, crafting construction claims has never been easier.

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Free, Quick and Easy. Tap into our AI tools for claim preparation, analysis, decision-making, and more.
Step 2: Automate & Track
Our expertly trained AI handles the processes while you provide context and monitor the outputs.
Step 3: Resolve Claims
Achieve faster resolution. Use the insights to enhance decision-making and financial outcomes.

Simple, transparent pricing. Choose a plan that fits your needs and budget.
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Generate 10k Words
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Generate 10k Words
Generate 10 Drafts
2 templates
Content Rewriter
Smart Editor
Document Library
80+ Languages
5+ Voice Tone
Generate 100k Words
Price per User
Generate 100k Words
Generate 50 Drafts
30 Templates
Data Analyst
AI Claim Assistants
Content Rewriter
Smart Editor
Document Library
80+ Languages
5+ Voice Tone
Generate 300k Words
Price per User
Generate 300k Words
Generate 150 Drafts
Unlimited Templates
Data Analyst
AI Claim Assistants
Content Rewriter
Smart Editor
Document Library
Advanced Support
80+ Languages
5+ Voice Tone
For companies and practices looking to build custom, scalable claim management AI systems with powerful governance and administration.
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What They Say about
Simon P.
Construction Lawyer

As a construction lawyer, I find an indispensable tool for revolutionising claims management in the construction industry. Its integrated AI technology enables precise analysis and drafting of claims, ensuring clarity, compliance, and legal robustness. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible for both legal experts and industry professionals, fostering collaborative and efficient claim handling. While it complements rather than replaces legal expertise, its adaptability across various project types and disputes is exceptional.

Ryan G.
Construction Coordinator

We integrated into our workflow, and it's been a game-changer. The user-friendly interface and robust features make claim management a breeze like never before. Highly recommended!

Boris K.
Contracts Manager

Efficient, transparent, and effective! has become an essential tool in our daily operations. Communication with stakeholders is smoother, and project timelines are better maintained.

Andy T.
Construction Claims Expert

There are innovative concepts that appear every once in a while in our industry, and is definitely one of them. From the structured legal principles, to AI assistants, I can only see the platform becoming the golden standard for the industry.

Chris T.
Construction Director understands the unique needs of our trade. The platform is tailored to ensure integrity, financial security, professionalism, and maintain smooth project flows. I wouldn't go back to our old processes.

Deepak M.
Residential Builder

Initially, we didn't believe in the power of AI. exceeded our expectations. It not only simplified our claims, but also provided insights that improved our overall project management and negotiation strategies. A comprehensive solution for construction professionals.

Bill W.
CEO - Facades Contractor has significantly improved our claims management processes. We opted for the whitelabel solution to customise the software to meet our specific needs. The transparency, cost, and time saving aspects is crucial for us, and the platform has become an invaluable asset for our company. A truly innovative concept!

Paul W.
Senior Quantity Surveyor

As a fit-out contractor, managing claims used to be a headache. With, it's seamless. I can track and resolve claims efficiently, ensuring timely payments. Couldn't be happier!

Emily S.
Contract Administrator

The templates and AI assistants features of this app are incredibly user-friendly. All you have to do is input what you already have and specify how you want it to be portrayed, and the app will generate a result that perfectly craft a professional and compelling claim with the desired text and tone.

Mike T.
Managing Surveyor is a must-have for construction professionals in general and quantity surveyors in particular. It simplified our workflow, and the proactive system prevented potential delays, and wasted efforts in drafted professional claims. A high-value, innovative, and reliable solution for the construction industry.

Sarah W.
Project Manager

I highly recommend! It's user friendly and streamlined our claim processes. The transparency of the structure, templates, built-in AI assistants prevented disputes and kept our projects on track.

John D.
Commercial Director revolutionised the way we prepare, respond to, and manage claims. the efficiency and accuracy of the platform saved us time and ensured our financial stability. A game-changer for any contractor!